Paradise- Graphic Novel - written and illustrated by Joshua Cassidy

Paradise Book cover-01.jpg
Paradise Book cover-01.jpg

Paradise- Graphic Novel - written and illustrated by Joshua Cassidy

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What age old question has beckoned humanity, since its birth of existence?  

For tens of thousands of years, millions of souls have looked to the stars, asking the same thing: what happens to us once we die?

When our last breath is drawn, when silence is the epilogue of our hearts’ beating drum…Many claim to know the answer, yet no singular truth has been collectively decided. What lies beyond the end of our earthly existence? Where does our consciousness go, if anywhere? Are souls real or man made ideas? 

Someone is about to find the answers. And so are you..

All religions are right, but not one solely contains the key. The truth has always been, written in the history of humanity, the earth, the stars.. waiting for science to discover. All will be revealed in a new understanding of ancient religious scriptures, teachings, prophecies, and science.

In a journey that echoes our universal consciousness, a prophesied hero searches for answers in a battle between darkness and light in a story about life, death, love and fear.

The Afterlife is not what you were taught, but you know to be true.   

Behold. Paradise is upon you. Awaken. The End of Time is Coming..


Coming Winter 2018

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